Production of silicone seals

We offer production of heat-resistant silicone seals for various equipment by cold extrusion.

Who is interested in this?

  • production companies
  • trading organizations
  • end user
  1. Industrial enterprise

At all production sites, sooner or later there are needs for silicone profiles, whether for the manufacture of new equipment or replacement on old equipment. Production enterprises can be of different directions from food production ( used for replacement in rotary, convection, oven, Smoking chambers, fermentation plants, vacuum machines, and much more) for the manufacture of new equipment, as a rule , I seal doorways ( frames , thresholds, glasses), adjacent parts of the structure, and so on.To work out the manufacture of a silicone seal for new equipment, we need a hand-drawn drawing with dimensions. For food production , many brands of equipment have already been developed within the framework of the «import substitution» project and are constantly available in warehouses. For the request, you can name the brand and model of equipment or a profile photo (a hand-drawn sketch with a size ). Silicone seals have everything

2. Trading organizations

Service organizations or organizations that sell spare parts for various equipment, organizations that sell doors, and other organizations. Wholesale prices for trading organizations allow you to create a high added value when selling seals. Service organizations that serve food production facilities use seals to replace paraconvectomats, stoves , ovens , vacuum machines on thermal equipment , just selling mark-by-mark seals for the end user. For a large number of equipment, seals have already been developed and are manufactured on a permanent basis. You can always work out a separate seal for each client, just a hand-drawn sketch with the size or sample if you need to work out the replacement of an imported seal . The cost of imported seals is now high, similar seals without loss of quality will cost two, three and sometimes four times cheaper. You don’t need to calculate the kilos on

3. The end user

Our dear customer! No matter what field you work in, the need for silicone profiles will still appear sooner or later. For current repairs of equipment, replacement of door seals , ovens, vacuum devices and other products. To order, we will need information from you about the brand and model of the equipment, possibly from a sketch of the profile by hand with dimensions, in an email.

Why do you need to order from us?

  1. The presence of food Sanitary
  2. Availability of medical certificates
  3. Order from 1 meter
  4. No kilos just the square footage
  5. Working out your profile from a sketch by hand
  6. Free shipment to the shopping center
  7. 50/50 payment option
  8. Flexible correction of the density of the material
  9. Possibility of gluing into frames, rings


The catalog of sketches that are produced in series can be viewed below or download a PDF at the link

You can always order according to your sketch. We are waiting for your requests by email




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